"Made in ridiculously small batches for a unique and luxurious toffee."


Pure ingredients

Sweeten Creek offers simple, luxurious toffees made from pure, natural ingredients. Opening a pouch of our confections is like a comforting, aromatic embrace.  A sweet perfume of warm sugar, velvety chocolates and roasted nuts, reminiscent of walking into your favorite chocolate shop.

Small batches

Because we're passionate about offering the very finest, Sweeten Creek toffee is made in ridiculously small batches and meticulously crafted.  Each numbered batch is hand poured onto cold stone slabs. The warm silky toffee is blanketed in smooth, dark chocolate and then carefully showered with a bountiful layer of hand-cut nuts, finished with a gentle sprinkling of sea salt – just enough to provide a subtle mouthwatering sensation.  Each piece is hand scored and cracked, for a unique portion of buttery, crunchy extravagance.

Simple luxury

The result is a sophisticated version of a simple luxury, savored in small bites.  A unique and sumptuous toffee, it is the perfect gift, and the perfect indulgence.  

Sweeten Creek hand poured toffees – a piece of heaven from the Carolinas.


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