Living among the foodies

Sweeten Creek Candy Company is an independent micro-confectionery in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a town known for many things, including an easier pace of life in a stimulating and intellectual foodie community.  We love our food, and we take great pleasure in decadent sweets.

I created this company because I want to produce luxurious versions of simple candies. Wonderful as gifts, but also a delicious indulgence for yourself. 

Love through food

I’ve always loved to cook. And I love building friendships through food.

In graduate school I courted the man who would become my husband through his stomach. Rather than watch him eat cottage cheese and crackers for dinner, I prepared full course meals stocked with fresh vegetables and wholesome proteins. I also experimented with a home-made vegetable quiche delivery service while still in school, providing a healthier alternative to Chicago deep dish pizza, our frequent go-to dinner.  This was a fun experiment, not a business; the sheer delight of it was enough for me at the time. But then my “real” career began and my cooking interests were relegated to sustaining my growing family and friendships, and my culinary creativity had to wedge itself in between baseball and soccer games, carpools and late nights at the office.

My Sweeten Creek Journey

I was one of the lucky ones. My kids loved eating at home and with only rare exception would enjoy exploring foods. Now and then they’d even encourage me to open up a food establishment of one sort or another.  “Mom, you need to open up a restaurant and make this lamb for everyone”, or “Mom, your salad dressing is amazing” but the timing wasn't quite right.

With my earliest batches,               March 2014

With my earliest batches,             March 2014

Now that I’ve retired from my corporate career, I am back to cooking for the sheer delight of it. I now focus on making things that I really enjoy.  

After years of experimenting and refining, my toffee is now the perfect blend of dark chocolate, nuts and butter crunch.  The first product to wear the Sweeten Creek name, my toffee isn't just a candy, it's an experience.  As the ultimate, most luxurious toffee, I'm proud to put the Sweeten Creek mark on every batch.  Decadent, unique and luxurious, it's a little slice of heaven.

I’ve heard many stories like this one, so I know my story isn’t unique, but my toffee is most definitely!

Try some and tell me what you think.

                                                                                                        Abby Zarkin                                                                                                                   Creator and Chief

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